Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My subjects this semester 2.

My subjects this semester 2 this entry I will review on all my subjects that I take this semester and my targets for the final exams.

FIN 262

This subject is about fundamental of finance. At first I feel this subject is quite tough for me but luckily I get a very good lecturer that is Madam Saliza. I can easily understand what she teaches in the class. This led me to get an A for the first test. The second test is on the coming Friday. I did not prepare for it yet as I am so busy with my assignments. I will try to score well as each test carries 15% of the carry marks. Furthermore as I like calculation subjects, I will try hard to get A in the final exams for this paper. We have no any project or assignments for this subject but we will have to do many pass semester questions and we will discuss it at the class. It helps me to gain a better understanding.

QMT 216

PM Ruhana teaches us this subject. She is a very good lecturer. She loves to advise us to be good muslims. This subject is basically about introduction to statistic. We have to do a project for this subject. We have to distribute questionnaires and make statistical report based on it. This project is quite tough and it requires us to spend quite long time. Just this week we pass up it and I feel so relief. I get A also for the first test and the second test is on the coming Sunday. PM Ruhana teaches quite fast as before end of March we have already finished the syllabus. Now, we are doing so many quizzes. I hope I can score an A for this paper in the final exam.


I found EKO211 to be the hardest subject for me this semester. Sometimes I do not understand what our lecturer, Miss Diana teaching in the class. I feel hard to catch-up with my lecturer. Even though, I realize she is trying very hard to make us understand. Maybe, I need to increase my knowledge in economic field. Luckily, I manage to get A in the first test. I did not get my test 2 marks yet but I already done my best. I will try hard to score an A too in the final exam.


This semester I think I get a very good ‘ustazah’ as our lecturer. I really like the way she conduct the class. I can easily understand this subject which is mainly about economy in islam. Ustazah Siti Aisyah is very responsible and systematic. We finished all our presentations, syllabus and assignments on time. She also said that we can check our carry marks by next week. This make me surprise as for the past two semesters for CTU, I had never know my carry marks even after the final. But with this lecturer everything is going smoothly and now we are preparing for the final. I really hope I can score A for CTU this semester.


This is my third language subject that is Mandarin. This is one of my subjects that I like very much. I will feel very interesting in the Mandarin classes furthermore I got very kind and humorous lecturer. There are many tests for this subject as there is no final paper for this subject. We have just done with reading, writing and listening test. Reading and listening test was quite easy and I can answer it well but the writing test is difficult and there are some questions that I cannot answer at all. It makes me feel down. I did not get my tests marks yet. There are still left with speaking test and the second listening test. I will try to do my best in the remaining test. In addition, this subject also requires us to do a short drama. All the dialogues must be spoken in Mandarin. It means we have to memories the scripts. We have just plan about this drama and this coming weekends we are going to shoot this drama. Of course I want an A too for this subject.


This is my most enjoyable class for this semester. In the first part of this entry I did mention anything about my coach as I do not know who my coach is yet. Now I want to tell something about him. My coach is Mr. Zanizam. He is a very friendly coach and love to make jokes. At first I did not know at all how to play tennis. Now I already can play it even though not very good. I have learned few skills on how to play tennis such as forehand, backhand, volley and smash. It is really interesting and now I love playing tennis. One more thing in tennis is about the fitness test. All students who take sport as their co-curriculum subject must go for this test. During this test we are required to run about 7 kilometres within 20 minutes. It really makes me exhausted.


BEL this semester is more to develop students writing skills. Thus, we have to do the term paper which carries 30 marks for the final. Now we have done with the first and second stage of it which is outline and the first draft which worth 15 marks. We still left with the final draft which is the most important part where it worth 15 marks. We are trying to do our best for this final draft. Besides that, next week we have our speaking test which is also very important as it carries 20 marks from overall carry marks. We have done many speaking practices before this and I am trying to improve my speaking level. One more thing, we have also done with our all 12 blog entries. Special thanks to Sir Izuan who makes me become a blogger which I never think to be. I realize that blogging really develop my writing skills and no wonder why Sir Izuan makes it as a part of our assignments. I will keep on blogging as I enjoy being a blogger. This is second semester Sir Izuan teach me this subject. I have learnt many things from him. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to him if I have done anything wrong towards him. I also want him to know that I feel lucky to have him as my BEL lecturer. I hope sir will pray for our success in the coming final exams. I will try my best to get A in the final exam.Thank you sir!

That’s all for this entry. I hope all my classmates will continue blogging even though this is our last entry for this semester. I would also like to take this chance to wish all my classmates best of luck for the coming final exams. Study smart guyz!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first day in UiTM Segamat.

My first day in UiTM Segamat, Johor.
26th December 2008, Friday.

Hello dear bloggers and readers. This entry is about my first day in UiTM. I want to share my feelings and experience on my first day in university.
It is about 8.00am in the morning when we start our journey to Uitm Segamat from my house at Puchong. For the first 2 hour in the car, I feel calm as it is in highway. When our journey comes along the Tangkak road, I feel like my university should be at rural area. The road also look dangerous and I started to feel down.

It is about 12pm when we reach at Uitm segamat. I have to register at College Sempana Alam Buana. Then I get to know my room number is 133c. It was a two persons room. As there is still time for the registration, we rest first at my room. When I first enter my room, it was so silence and I feel lonesome. I was thinking which bed should I choose because I do not know who my roommate is yet. I was hoping that I will get a kind and friendly roommate.

My mother and sisters start to arrange my things on the cupboard. My father went to the mosque to perform the Friday prayer. One thing funny about my college name is that it is hard for my father to pronounce it.I still remember my father asked me to write the name of my college in a piece of paper in case he forget as my college name is very unique. During that time I was thinking so many things. How am I going to sleep alone that night? With whom am I going to make friends? I do not know anybody here. Furthermore, that was my first time I am going to be far from my family. I have no experiences staying in hostels. Will I be ragged by the seniors? I keep on thinking so many things.

It is about 4pm when they ask all the new students to gather. After we line up then they straight away asked us to walk to the mosque to perform the Asar prayer. I feel very sad as I did not shake hands with my parent yet. I just wave my hand from a distance. After I walk for a while,a JPK secretariat come near me and she asked me to change my sandal to a formal shoe. I walked back quickly to my college and I hope my parents did not leave my college yet. By the time I reach my college back my father already start the car to went back. I was lucky as finally I get the chance to hug and kiss my mum. After changing my shoe I ran back to follow the group just now.

The mosque is really far from my college, but it is big and organized. After the prayers we went to the DST. There we were given briefing about the procedures for new students. After finished with that, we walked again to the dining hall for dinner near my collage. One thing that I will not forget about the orientation week is when it comes to the eating time. We were just given 5 minutes to be in the dining hall. By the time we queued up and get the food it will leave with only about 2 minutes to us to finish our food. I normally will only have the time to eat a portion of my food. Right after eating we have to walk again. It is so burdening me.

Then we walk back to the mosque for the Maghrib and Isya prayers. I feel so tired of walking that day. After the prayers there were some talk given by an ‘Ustaz’. After that we gather back in front of my college. The JPK’s give us instructions about what to do the next day. They remind us a few times that sharp at 5.00 am we should be ready and gather at the same place.
It’s finally about 12.45 am when they let us go to our respective room. I call my mother and talk for a while, suddenly I start crying while on call. I hate crying especially with other people even though it is my mother but that day I cried. I miss my home so much. I asked my friends when is the holiday as I cannot wait to go back home. They tease me as just one day I am here but I already wanted to go back. Then I take my things and sleep at another students room as she also just like me scared to sleep alone. The next day I have to wake up very early in the morning which is very difficult to me.

That’s all about my first day in UiTM. Although at the first I will always waiting for holidays to go back home but now I enjoy my life here. I just love the peaceful Segamat and of course I meet many friends here which some of them are now my best friends. Till then see you all in my next post.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

God! I lost my purse!

God! I lost my purse!
Hello everyone.. In this entry I want to write something on what happened to me last week. I have lost my purse. I just want my story to become a lesson to all my friends so when next time you guys want to go back home will be more careful.

Last week on Friday I was very excited as I will go back home after attending two classes and a short briefing about the application to continue degree for all part 3 diploma students. After done with my classes, I and Syahirah rush to Segamat bus station with hope that tickets to KL is still not sold out. We reach there about 1.15 pm and I straight away went to the ticket counter to buy 1.30pm ticket. Unfortunately all tickets are sold out and the next available ticket is only at 4.30pm. As we have no other choice we just bought it with frustration because we have to wait more than 3 hours for the bus.

Then we went down to sit at the waiting area. It was quite crowded as many people were waiting for the bus. As no other place to sit, me and Syahirah seat beside a woman. Just about 5 minutes after I seat there the women who seat beside me quickly stand up and go somewhere else. Then I felt like something wrong and I realized that my purse is missing. After a few times checking all my bags, I am sure that my purse is no longer with me. I do not know where I missed it. I try asking at the ticket counter, all the nearest store and I walk back all the way I came, but I could not find it. It is not even 10 minutes passed after I use my purse to pay for the tickets. If I drop it down, for sure I will heard the sound or at least Syahirah who is just behind me will saw it.
That time I felt so bad. Syahirah try to calm me down. But then I lost so many things. My Identity card(which I just change it a week before), my driving licence, Maybank and Bank Islam atm cards, cash about RM110(I don,t know why that day I withdraw RM100 as normally I just withdraw RM50), my ticket and Syahirah’s ticket which we just bought(including my return ticket) and of course so many other things. I could not think any further as I am panic that time. I suspected the woman sitting next to me just now took it. She looked kind of suspicious to me. Although she is like the same age as my mother, we do not know how people can act in the public. I was just assuming though. Nevertheless, I admit that me myself are too careless to lose such an important thing.

Then, I went to the management department of Segamat bus station. There was an old Chinese man bring me to the police station which is just about 5 minutes from the bus station. After making the police report, the police man asked me how am I going back then I told him that I lost all my money. Then he helped me by calling the ticket counter and asked them to replace my tickets. Luckily, I get back my tickets. After settled down everything and also called my respective banks to block my atm cards, I went back home with full of sorrow and despair.
Last week, Lily and Syahirah accompany me to the JPN office and banks to make a new Ic and atm cards at Segamat. At the JPN office, actually I have to pay RM 100 as fine but because I am a student I just have to pay RM60 including other charges. At Bank Islam I have to pay another RM28 to make a new atm card and Maybank charges RM12. I still have not replaced my licence yet. Supposely this month I can already renew my driving licence to new permanent one but as I lost my P licence I still could not renew my licence yet. It was so devastating.
It is actually very troublesome when you lost your purse. It may worsen the condition. For example, if our identity card is misused by other people perhaps in the future it may burden us. Not only I loss more than RM200 but it also takes my time and energy to make all the things clear. As my blog come to an end, I wanted to remind all of you to be more careful and aware of things surrounding around us as anything can happen anytime and anywhere. Better safe than sorry. Till then, see you all in my next entry.
p/s:Thanks syakira for lent me your money first!

Monday, March 15, 2010

10 things I hate the most

I am usually a very happy person, and I try to enjoy my life to the fullest. I take things in stride. However, there are some things I hate about the world we live, there are some things I think we should all look into changing. Here's my list of the ten things I hate most in the world.

1) I hate people who are cruel and heartless. Nowadays, there are many news about babies discarded. People are unable to sympathize with such an innocent, poor, and naive creature. Besides that, children are continuously becoming the victim of shocking and abhorrent forms of violence in their homes, schools, institutions and communities. Just as in the Nurin’s case. I just hate heartless jerks that have no respect for life.

2) I hate the fact that there are people who earn money by being dishonest or by manufacturing things that can be harmful or deadly to people, animals or the environment. There are many people who are so selfish and do not care about other people at all. They will do anything as long as they can gain benefit.

3) I hate that the environment is being irreversibly damaged and that the human race will probably destroy our planet due to selfishness, greed and laziness. Our mother earth is a priceless gift from the god but then human beings seems to destroy it in the process of developing the nation. We should remember that we just borrow this earth from the next generation.
4) People who are selective in making friends. I hate people that making friend just because to gain personal benefits. For me friendship is very valuable relationship. We should not evaluate a good friend from the physical or by wealth. A true friend is the one who will beside you not only when you are happy but also when you are in problem.
5) I hate there are so many illegal foreigners in my country. Sometimes I feel scared to walk alone in certain places such as at Puduraya just because of it. I am the one who always use public transportation but then now I feel not secure especially when using buses. Sometimes I even feel like I am in a bus at Indonesia because there so many outsiders in buses.
6) I hate people who are lack of manners. A simple "please" and "thank you" costs nothing. But then there still many people who do not practise it especially when meet new person. When someone opens the door for you to enter first, we should thank them.

7) I don’t like people lecturing me and force me to do something. I am quite stubborn person so I really hate people forcing me to do something that I do not like. My mother likes to ask me to go for wedding functions which I do not like to go. If she forces me then we will start quarrelling. I also hate people lecturing me about something over and over.

8) I hate dirty places such as restaurants or cafes which should be clean as it is a place where people went for eat. But many people do not take it as an important factor. If we go to the kitchen side we can see that the place is not in a hygienic condition.

9) I hate wake up at the morning. I am a person who really enjoys sleeping very much so when I need to wake up at the morning I really hate it. I also hate people disturbing me when I am sleeping. I will really get angry if people do so.

10) Lastly, I hate war and violence. I want a peace world forever. It is very disappointing to see some countries are involved in war and the sufferings face by the residents. War left many people homeless and many children lost their parent. War is not the solution for any problems. Each country should realise it.

That’s all for now. See you all in my next entry.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My top 10 wish list.

Wat’s up stalkers? Are you all waiting for my new entry? Here is it my top 10 wish list.

1)Graduate with the Vice Chancellor Award.

My current wish is that I could graduate my diploma with the Vice Chancellor Award. For that purpose I should try hard to get Dean List for every semester. Thanks to Allah as I got dean list for past two semesters. Why I want it so much? Actually my parent are very concern about my studies. They had told me that nothing can make them happier than my colourful results. Moreover my SPM results are just moderate nothing to be proud so at least I want to make them proud with my diploma results.

2)I want to be the owner of a Ferrari red sport.

What a car man! I really admire that car so much. I always dreaming that that one day I could drive a luxury car such as Lamborghini, Honda CRV, and my most desired car is the Ferrari sport. Sometimes I even get jealous when I saw women driving such super cars. But then each car costs millions so I have to be somebody in the future if I want to own such cars maybe with a driver. Who knows?

3)I want to visit all the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

I wish to v
isit all the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as it was the first known list of the most remarkable man-made creations. For me all the wonders are must see places as it is a representation of perfection and plenty. Some wonders that I longing to go are The great wall of China, Taj Mahal, Colosseum in Rome, Hanging gardens of Babylon and The great Pyramid. Each of these places has its own classical antiquity values.

4)I wish I can sit at the place of Tan Sri zeti Aziz one day.

Do I sound so dreamy? But there is say that nothing is impossible and I do not want to put boundary to my wishes. I as a banking student certainly want to be as Tan Sri Zeti. She is my role model since long time ago. I really want to be as success as her then only I can make all my above dream become reality.

5)I want to be a famous novelist.

I am novel lover. I can say that I am addicted to read novels. From there come the interest be a novelist. I read both Malay and English novels. My favourite authors are Cecelia Ahern and Norhayati Ibrahim. I hope one day I will become a famous novelist like them.

6)I hope I can play with the snow one day.

I wish to play with snow so much since my childhood years. I want to feel how it is when the snow falls in me. How nice it will be if I get the chance to go to Switzerland and play with the snow at a mountain’s top and watch the amazing panorama.

7)My top wish is I hope Allah will give a long life to my parent.

I wish I can live with them for hundred years. They mean a lot to me I can simply say that my parent are my life. I want to take very good care of them. My parent are the best parent in the world. I always pray that they will have good years ahead.

8)Scuba diving

I really want to try Scuba diving that offers people the opportunity to see what life is like below the water in ocean. I want enjoy exploring the ocean's beauty. I can typically examine sharks, fish, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, shipwrecks, and innumerable beautiful ocean plants, anemones, and similar ocean life. I can’t wait for that moment!

9)Healthy and peaceful live forever

There is a say that health is wealth. Without good health all our wealth are meaningless. Hopefully I wouldn’t get any chronic diseases that are very common nowadays. Besides that I wish to have a peaceful life throughout my life as only that can make my life meaningful.

10)I hope Palestine will be free from the clutches of Zionism

I feel so sympathy toward Muslims in Palestine. The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is the ongoing dispute between Israelis and Palestinians, and one of the most enduring and explosive of all the world's conflicts. Just the recent war in Gaza destroyed tens thousands of homes, 15 of Gaza’s 27 hospitals and nearly all of its 10,000 family farms, leaving 50,000 homeless,400,000-500,000 without running water,one million without electricity, and resulting in acute food shortages. I hope all their suffering will end one day and people in Palestine can live as peace as us in Malaysia.

That’s all about my top 10 wish. I always hold with a principle dream big and work to make it reality. Until see you all in my next entry live a love life!

I want to die as a Muslim..

Monday, February 22, 2010

My colourful classmates

Hi, I am so happy to see you all again in my new post. The topic for this entry is my colourful classmates. My class is BMD3D1, as you can see in the above picture we are all girls in this class. Hope all of you enjoy reading a brief introduction about my classmates.


Firstly, I am going to tell all of you about Lily. I am sure when I tell Lily the first thing that will cross your mind is a very hushed person, rarely talk and soft. That are very true, she will be very quiet and pay full attention to the lecturer during classes. Her way of behaving is really admirable. She is very punctual, hardworking and such a kind person. I have done many assignments with her and she will do most of the work, which makes me sometime feel guilty. One thing that makes all of us feel jealous with her is her home is just at Segamat. But she never feels lucky about that because she prefer to study far from her home. That is Lily!!


This girl I call her Syah. I love to tease her very much and Syah will just laugh. She is such a nice person. She is a big fan of Korean artist and now she has some Korean friends too. No wonder Syah always chatting recently. Maybe her boyfriend is a Korean too. Who knows?? Syah is close with sector B students since part 1. And this semester her application to shift from sector A to sector B is approved. I am the one who feel so happy because she got same college with me.. YAHOO!! Her room also quite near with my room. Before this I do not have any classmates that are same college with me.


Next, let me tell you about Kechik the gorgeous and stunning girl in our class. This semester, Kechik is very eye-catching as she makes few differences in her appearance. That are, she starts to wear contact lens, she will always wear colourful shawls, she will make up a bit and she likes to put on silver eye liner. Kechik is very active and smart. She is a good debater and she had represent Uitm Segamat for a few times. This semester also, she was chosen as Diba’s exco beside that she also maintains good result every semester.


Isma is my first friend in this Uitm. She looked very generous when I saw her at first. That’s why I select to approach her from many other banking students. And it was true, she is really kind
and friendly. I like her character which is simple and easy going person.


She is our classmate just in BEL class. I just get to know her this semester but I already get close with her. This is maybe because she is very soft and always smile when see me. Even though, she is in part 5 but she is still very friendly with all of us.


Next is about Erien. This is the first semester Erien is our classmate. So this semester I am trying to be closer with her. At first she tends to be quite but now she seems to be more comfortable. When I start to talk with her she responds very well.


Now let me tell you about the cutest girl in our class. We all call her Nabil. Her face look like has a mix with Chinese. This semester Nabil looks more famines as she like to wear shawls and it really suit with her. One thing about Nabil is even though she does not pay full attention during classes but she still manages to get good results.


She is really a quiet student in our class even after being a good friend with Zulaika. She is really opposite of Zulaika so I think Zulaika should try to influence Zura to be more active in class.


What a beautiful name she has. Ezza is one of my classmates that always look stylish and beautiful. At first I thought she is quite girl but later I get to know that she is very talk active especially with those are who close with her.


She is one of my best friends. She is like a sister for me in uitm. If, I done anything wrong she is the one who will advise me or correct me. I like to ask her opinion in anything I do. But she is quite sensitive so I will always think twice before talk to her as I do not want to hurt her feelings.


This girl I just call her Jann. Although her college is at sector B but she is closer with sector A students especially with Isma and the geng. One thing I like the most about her is her high confidence level.


Next is Aishah she is very friendly, simple and brave. She like to voice out her opinion. I always go back home with her. She will always willing to help her friends. She is also talk active and love to take pictures.


Eya is from Sabak Bernam. She is also a good debater although in class she seems to be quite. She will always be with Misnahaini. Even when taking picture for this entry they stand side by side.


Miss is very silent too in class. I am not very close with her but we will always smile to each other. She is very soft-spoken.


We all call her Mon because she is quite chubby. She is very close with Isma and Nabil. She is very kind to everyone and all of us in class like her very much.


I call her Kak azi because she is older than us. For me she is cute, funny and amusing. This semester I realize that kak Azi is becoming more hard work student. Especially, in subject Finance, Statistic and Economy. She will willingly write down the answer in the whiteboard. I can feel that she will get a good result for this semester.


I like Diyana very much as she is very open minded and sporting. We all like to tease her and she never gets mad at all. For me she is a good actor. During last semester where we have to present dramas, we will give her heavy role although she refused as we know that she can act very well.


I am very close with her that’s why I like to be in same group with her when doing assignments. She can drive car very well even she do not have her licence yet. Dayah is very sporting open minded and really a helping hand.


This girl is simply beauty. I call her Fatin. All her work is normally complete and perfect as she is a smart studentI. I love to see her talk Mandarin with our laoshi.

That’s me..


Next, let’s talk about Huda. For me she is very pretty. I feel very comfortable being friend with her as she is very loyal and trustworthy. Huda has some problems with her back bones because she was injured during primary schools. Sometimes her face will be so pale because of the pain. She cannot walk for a long distance and she is still under treatment.


She is very cool and calm. I call her Lena and she will call me Kak Ram. She is consistent in her studies and she will make sure all her work done in time.


Lasty, I would like to tell about Zaty. She is tall and slender. She is simple and nice and it is easy to work with her. She is very close with Lena, Atin and Isha. She does not live with her family but only with her brother.
I have been introduced all of my classmates to all of you. I love all of them. Hopefully we all will being friends forever. See you all again in my next post.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I feel so happy to see you all again in my new post with the hottest topic in this month that is the Valentine’s Day.

During this month, many shops in shopping complexes or malls are selling variety of presents that are suitable to be given as a gift on the Valentine’s Day. All decorations in such places are also based on the theme of love. Many people feel exited to celebrate this day especially teenagers.

Many people think that Valentine’s Day is the best day to express our feeling to our loves one. There are even some people who wait for this day to propose their love one. But for me love can be express every day and every moment. If we really love someone, why should we wait for only a day in a year? How if we are no more on that day? Don’t be shy to share our feelings with others. Now, there no more believe that man should take the first step in a relationship. Girls can always do that too.
When we talk about showing our love to someone do not limit it just to your couple but also to people in our surrounding. How nice it will be if one day you give your mother a red rose.

Celebrating the valentine day is actually not our culture as Malays and Islam itself forbidden us from celebrating this day.

I was shocked when I read at news papers on Valentine’s Day morning that when JAWI do spot-checks in hotels around town area many young couples without any legal relationship was harassed the night before. Many of them are Muslims. These reflect that, Valentine’s Day has a big impact to our society especially to the younger. This is one the way how Hedonisms believe are inject to our society.

Lastly, we can show our love to anyone but as a Muslim we should always follow the guidelines given by Allah. That’s all for now see you all again in my next entry.