Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My top 10 wish list.

Wat’s up stalkers? Are you all waiting for my new entry? Here is it my top 10 wish list.

1)Graduate with the Vice Chancellor Award.

My current wish is that I could graduate my diploma with the Vice Chancellor Award. For that purpose I should try hard to get Dean List for every semester. Thanks to Allah as I got dean list for past two semesters. Why I want it so much? Actually my parent are very concern about my studies. They had told me that nothing can make them happier than my colourful results. Moreover my SPM results are just moderate nothing to be proud so at least I want to make them proud with my diploma results.

2)I want to be the owner of a Ferrari red sport.

What a car man! I really admire that car so much. I always dreaming that that one day I could drive a luxury car such as Lamborghini, Honda CRV, and my most desired car is the Ferrari sport. Sometimes I even get jealous when I saw women driving such super cars. But then each car costs millions so I have to be somebody in the future if I want to own such cars maybe with a driver. Who knows?

3)I want to visit all the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

I wish to v
isit all the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as it was the first known list of the most remarkable man-made creations. For me all the wonders are must see places as it is a representation of perfection and plenty. Some wonders that I longing to go are The great wall of China, Taj Mahal, Colosseum in Rome, Hanging gardens of Babylon and The great Pyramid. Each of these places has its own classical antiquity values.

4)I wish I can sit at the place of Tan Sri zeti Aziz one day.

Do I sound so dreamy? But there is say that nothing is impossible and I do not want to put boundary to my wishes. I as a banking student certainly want to be as Tan Sri Zeti. She is my role model since long time ago. I really want to be as success as her then only I can make all my above dream become reality.

5)I want to be a famous novelist.

I am novel lover. I can say that I am addicted to read novels. From there come the interest be a novelist. I read both Malay and English novels. My favourite authors are Cecelia Ahern and Norhayati Ibrahim. I hope one day I will become a famous novelist like them.

6)I hope I can play with the snow one day.

I wish to play with snow so much since my childhood years. I want to feel how it is when the snow falls in me. How nice it will be if I get the chance to go to Switzerland and play with the snow at a mountain’s top and watch the amazing panorama.

7)My top wish is I hope Allah will give a long life to my parent.

I wish I can live with them for hundred years. They mean a lot to me I can simply say that my parent are my life. I want to take very good care of them. My parent are the best parent in the world. I always pray that they will have good years ahead.

8)Scuba diving

I really want to try Scuba diving that offers people the opportunity to see what life is like below the water in ocean. I want enjoy exploring the ocean's beauty. I can typically examine sharks, fish, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, shipwrecks, and innumerable beautiful ocean plants, anemones, and similar ocean life. I can’t wait for that moment!

9)Healthy and peaceful live forever

There is a say that health is wealth. Without good health all our wealth are meaningless. Hopefully I wouldn’t get any chronic diseases that are very common nowadays. Besides that I wish to have a peaceful life throughout my life as only that can make my life meaningful.

10)I hope Palestine will be free from the clutches of Zionism

I feel so sympathy toward Muslims in Palestine. The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is the ongoing dispute between Israelis and Palestinians, and one of the most enduring and explosive of all the world's conflicts. Just the recent war in Gaza destroyed tens thousands of homes, 15 of Gaza’s 27 hospitals and nearly all of its 10,000 family farms, leaving 50,000 homeless,400,000-500,000 without running water,one million without electricity, and resulting in acute food shortages. I hope all their suffering will end one day and people in Palestine can live as peace as us in Malaysia.

That’s all about my top 10 wish. I always hold with a principle dream big and work to make it reality. Until see you all in my next entry live a love life!

I want to die as a Muslim..

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