Monday, March 15, 2010

10 things I hate the most

I am usually a very happy person, and I try to enjoy my life to the fullest. I take things in stride. However, there are some things I hate about the world we live, there are some things I think we should all look into changing. Here's my list of the ten things I hate most in the world.

1) I hate people who are cruel and heartless. Nowadays, there are many news about babies discarded. People are unable to sympathize with such an innocent, poor, and naive creature. Besides that, children are continuously becoming the victim of shocking and abhorrent forms of violence in their homes, schools, institutions and communities. Just as in the Nurin’s case. I just hate heartless jerks that have no respect for life.

2) I hate the fact that there are people who earn money by being dishonest or by manufacturing things that can be harmful or deadly to people, animals or the environment. There are many people who are so selfish and do not care about other people at all. They will do anything as long as they can gain benefit.

3) I hate that the environment is being irreversibly damaged and that the human race will probably destroy our planet due to selfishness, greed and laziness. Our mother earth is a priceless gift from the god but then human beings seems to destroy it in the process of developing the nation. We should remember that we just borrow this earth from the next generation.
4) People who are selective in making friends. I hate people that making friend just because to gain personal benefits. For me friendship is very valuable relationship. We should not evaluate a good friend from the physical or by wealth. A true friend is the one who will beside you not only when you are happy but also when you are in problem.
5) I hate there are so many illegal foreigners in my country. Sometimes I feel scared to walk alone in certain places such as at Puduraya just because of it. I am the one who always use public transportation but then now I feel not secure especially when using buses. Sometimes I even feel like I am in a bus at Indonesia because there so many outsiders in buses.
6) I hate people who are lack of manners. A simple "please" and "thank you" costs nothing. But then there still many people who do not practise it especially when meet new person. When someone opens the door for you to enter first, we should thank them.

7) I don’t like people lecturing me and force me to do something. I am quite stubborn person so I really hate people forcing me to do something that I do not like. My mother likes to ask me to go for wedding functions which I do not like to go. If she forces me then we will start quarrelling. I also hate people lecturing me about something over and over.

8) I hate dirty places such as restaurants or cafes which should be clean as it is a place where people went for eat. But many people do not take it as an important factor. If we go to the kitchen side we can see that the place is not in a hygienic condition.

9) I hate wake up at the morning. I am a person who really enjoys sleeping very much so when I need to wake up at the morning I really hate it. I also hate people disturbing me when I am sleeping. I will really get angry if people do so.

10) Lastly, I hate war and violence. I want a peace world forever. It is very disappointing to see some countries are involved in war and the sufferings face by the residents. War left many people homeless and many children lost their parent. War is not the solution for any problems. Each country should realise it.

That’s all for now. See you all in my next entry.

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