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My first day in UiTM Segamat.

My first day in UiTM Segamat, Johor.
26th December 2008, Friday.

Hello dear bloggers and readers. This entry is about my first day in UiTM. I want to share my feelings and experience on my first day in university.
It is about 8.00am in the morning when we start our journey to Uitm Segamat from my house at Puchong. For the first 2 hour in the car, I feel calm as it is in highway. When our journey comes along the Tangkak road, I feel like my university should be at rural area. The road also look dangerous and I started to feel down.

It is about 12pm when we reach at Uitm segamat. I have to register at College Sempana Alam Buana. Then I get to know my room number is 133c. It was a two persons room. As there is still time for the registration, we rest first at my room. When I first enter my room, it was so silence and I feel lonesome. I was thinking which bed should I choose because I do not know who my roommate is yet. I was hoping that I will get a kind and friendly roommate.

My mother and sisters start to arrange my things on the cupboard. My father went to the mosque to perform the Friday prayer. One thing funny about my college name is that it is hard for my father to pronounce it.I still remember my father asked me to write the name of my college in a piece of paper in case he forget as my college name is very unique. During that time I was thinking so many things. How am I going to sleep alone that night? With whom am I going to make friends? I do not know anybody here. Furthermore, that was my first time I am going to be far from my family. I have no experiences staying in hostels. Will I be ragged by the seniors? I keep on thinking so many things.

It is about 4pm when they ask all the new students to gather. After we line up then they straight away asked us to walk to the mosque to perform the Asar prayer. I feel very sad as I did not shake hands with my parent yet. I just wave my hand from a distance. After I walk for a while,a JPK secretariat come near me and she asked me to change my sandal to a formal shoe. I walked back quickly to my college and I hope my parents did not leave my college yet. By the time I reach my college back my father already start the car to went back. I was lucky as finally I get the chance to hug and kiss my mum. After changing my shoe I ran back to follow the group just now.

The mosque is really far from my college, but it is big and organized. After the prayers we went to the DST. There we were given briefing about the procedures for new students. After finished with that, we walked again to the dining hall for dinner near my collage. One thing that I will not forget about the orientation week is when it comes to the eating time. We were just given 5 minutes to be in the dining hall. By the time we queued up and get the food it will leave with only about 2 minutes to us to finish our food. I normally will only have the time to eat a portion of my food. Right after eating we have to walk again. It is so burdening me.

Then we walk back to the mosque for the Maghrib and Isya prayers. I feel so tired of walking that day. After the prayers there were some talk given by an ‘Ustaz’. After that we gather back in front of my college. The JPK’s give us instructions about what to do the next day. They remind us a few times that sharp at 5.00 am we should be ready and gather at the same place.
It’s finally about 12.45 am when they let us go to our respective room. I call my mother and talk for a while, suddenly I start crying while on call. I hate crying especially with other people even though it is my mother but that day I cried. I miss my home so much. I asked my friends when is the holiday as I cannot wait to go back home. They tease me as just one day I am here but I already wanted to go back. Then I take my things and sleep at another students room as she also just like me scared to sleep alone. The next day I have to wake up very early in the morning which is very difficult to me.

That’s all about my first day in UiTM. Although at the first I will always waiting for holidays to go back home but now I enjoy my life here. I just love the peaceful Segamat and of course I meet many friends here which some of them are now my best friends. Till then see you all in my next post.

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