Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My subjects this semester 2.

My subjects this semester 2 this entry I will review on all my subjects that I take this semester and my targets for the final exams.

FIN 262

This subject is about fundamental of finance. At first I feel this subject is quite tough for me but luckily I get a very good lecturer that is Madam Saliza. I can easily understand what she teaches in the class. This led me to get an A for the first test. The second test is on the coming Friday. I did not prepare for it yet as I am so busy with my assignments. I will try to score well as each test carries 15% of the carry marks. Furthermore as I like calculation subjects, I will try hard to get A in the final exams for this paper. We have no any project or assignments for this subject but we will have to do many pass semester questions and we will discuss it at the class. It helps me to gain a better understanding.

QMT 216

PM Ruhana teaches us this subject. She is a very good lecturer. She loves to advise us to be good muslims. This subject is basically about introduction to statistic. We have to do a project for this subject. We have to distribute questionnaires and make statistical report based on it. This project is quite tough and it requires us to spend quite long time. Just this week we pass up it and I feel so relief. I get A also for the first test and the second test is on the coming Sunday. PM Ruhana teaches quite fast as before end of March we have already finished the syllabus. Now, we are doing so many quizzes. I hope I can score an A for this paper in the final exam.


I found EKO211 to be the hardest subject for me this semester. Sometimes I do not understand what our lecturer, Miss Diana teaching in the class. I feel hard to catch-up with my lecturer. Even though, I realize she is trying very hard to make us understand. Maybe, I need to increase my knowledge in economic field. Luckily, I manage to get A in the first test. I did not get my test 2 marks yet but I already done my best. I will try hard to score an A too in the final exam.


This semester I think I get a very good ‘ustazah’ as our lecturer. I really like the way she conduct the class. I can easily understand this subject which is mainly about economy in islam. Ustazah Siti Aisyah is very responsible and systematic. We finished all our presentations, syllabus and assignments on time. She also said that we can check our carry marks by next week. This make me surprise as for the past two semesters for CTU, I had never know my carry marks even after the final. But with this lecturer everything is going smoothly and now we are preparing for the final. I really hope I can score A for CTU this semester.


This is my third language subject that is Mandarin. This is one of my subjects that I like very much. I will feel very interesting in the Mandarin classes furthermore I got very kind and humorous lecturer. There are many tests for this subject as there is no final paper for this subject. We have just done with reading, writing and listening test. Reading and listening test was quite easy and I can answer it well but the writing test is difficult and there are some questions that I cannot answer at all. It makes me feel down. I did not get my tests marks yet. There are still left with speaking test and the second listening test. I will try to do my best in the remaining test. In addition, this subject also requires us to do a short drama. All the dialogues must be spoken in Mandarin. It means we have to memories the scripts. We have just plan about this drama and this coming weekends we are going to shoot this drama. Of course I want an A too for this subject.


This is my most enjoyable class for this semester. In the first part of this entry I did mention anything about my coach as I do not know who my coach is yet. Now I want to tell something about him. My coach is Mr. Zanizam. He is a very friendly coach and love to make jokes. At first I did not know at all how to play tennis. Now I already can play it even though not very good. I have learned few skills on how to play tennis such as forehand, backhand, volley and smash. It is really interesting and now I love playing tennis. One more thing in tennis is about the fitness test. All students who take sport as their co-curriculum subject must go for this test. During this test we are required to run about 7 kilometres within 20 minutes. It really makes me exhausted.


BEL this semester is more to develop students writing skills. Thus, we have to do the term paper which carries 30 marks for the final. Now we have done with the first and second stage of it which is outline and the first draft which worth 15 marks. We still left with the final draft which is the most important part where it worth 15 marks. We are trying to do our best for this final draft. Besides that, next week we have our speaking test which is also very important as it carries 20 marks from overall carry marks. We have done many speaking practices before this and I am trying to improve my speaking level. One more thing, we have also done with our all 12 blog entries. Special thanks to Sir Izuan who makes me become a blogger which I never think to be. I realize that blogging really develop my writing skills and no wonder why Sir Izuan makes it as a part of our assignments. I will keep on blogging as I enjoy being a blogger. This is second semester Sir Izuan teach me this subject. I have learnt many things from him. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to him if I have done anything wrong towards him. I also want him to know that I feel lucky to have him as my BEL lecturer. I hope sir will pray for our success in the coming final exams. I will try my best to get A in the final exam.Thank you sir!

That’s all for this entry. I hope all my classmates will continue blogging even though this is our last entry for this semester. I would also like to take this chance to wish all my classmates best of luck for the coming final exams. Study smart guyz!

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  1. It is a pleasure having you as my student. I wish there are more students like you. Good luck for your final exams.

    P/S: The subject code is BEL311 NOT BEL260!