Thursday, March 25, 2010

God! I lost my purse!

God! I lost my purse!
Hello everyone.. In this entry I want to write something on what happened to me last week. I have lost my purse. I just want my story to become a lesson to all my friends so when next time you guys want to go back home will be more careful.

Last week on Friday I was very excited as I will go back home after attending two classes and a short briefing about the application to continue degree for all part 3 diploma students. After done with my classes, I and Syahirah rush to Segamat bus station with hope that tickets to KL is still not sold out. We reach there about 1.15 pm and I straight away went to the ticket counter to buy 1.30pm ticket. Unfortunately all tickets are sold out and the next available ticket is only at 4.30pm. As we have no other choice we just bought it with frustration because we have to wait more than 3 hours for the bus.

Then we went down to sit at the waiting area. It was quite crowded as many people were waiting for the bus. As no other place to sit, me and Syahirah seat beside a woman. Just about 5 minutes after I seat there the women who seat beside me quickly stand up and go somewhere else. Then I felt like something wrong and I realized that my purse is missing. After a few times checking all my bags, I am sure that my purse is no longer with me. I do not know where I missed it. I try asking at the ticket counter, all the nearest store and I walk back all the way I came, but I could not find it. It is not even 10 minutes passed after I use my purse to pay for the tickets. If I drop it down, for sure I will heard the sound or at least Syahirah who is just behind me will saw it.
That time I felt so bad. Syahirah try to calm me down. But then I lost so many things. My Identity card(which I just change it a week before), my driving licence, Maybank and Bank Islam atm cards, cash about RM110(I don,t know why that day I withdraw RM100 as normally I just withdraw RM50), my ticket and Syahirah’s ticket which we just bought(including my return ticket) and of course so many other things. I could not think any further as I am panic that time. I suspected the woman sitting next to me just now took it. She looked kind of suspicious to me. Although she is like the same age as my mother, we do not know how people can act in the public. I was just assuming though. Nevertheless, I admit that me myself are too careless to lose such an important thing.

Then, I went to the management department of Segamat bus station. There was an old Chinese man bring me to the police station which is just about 5 minutes from the bus station. After making the police report, the police man asked me how am I going back then I told him that I lost all my money. Then he helped me by calling the ticket counter and asked them to replace my tickets. Luckily, I get back my tickets. After settled down everything and also called my respective banks to block my atm cards, I went back home with full of sorrow and despair.
Last week, Lily and Syahirah accompany me to the JPN office and banks to make a new Ic and atm cards at Segamat. At the JPN office, actually I have to pay RM 100 as fine but because I am a student I just have to pay RM60 including other charges. At Bank Islam I have to pay another RM28 to make a new atm card and Maybank charges RM12. I still have not replaced my licence yet. Supposely this month I can already renew my driving licence to new permanent one but as I lost my P licence I still could not renew my licence yet. It was so devastating.
It is actually very troublesome when you lost your purse. It may worsen the condition. For example, if our identity card is misused by other people perhaps in the future it may burden us. Not only I loss more than RM200 but it also takes my time and energy to make all the things clear. As my blog come to an end, I wanted to remind all of you to be more careful and aware of things surrounding around us as anything can happen anytime and anywhere. Better safe than sorry. Till then, see you all in my next entry.
p/s:Thanks syakira for lent me your money first!


  1. I have never lost my wallet before so your story serves as a very good reminder. I'm sorry for your loss.