Monday, February 22, 2010

My colourful classmates

Hi, I am so happy to see you all again in my new post. The topic for this entry is my colourful classmates. My class is BMD3D1, as you can see in the above picture we are all girls in this class. Hope all of you enjoy reading a brief introduction about my classmates.


Firstly, I am going to tell all of you about Lily. I am sure when I tell Lily the first thing that will cross your mind is a very hushed person, rarely talk and soft. That are very true, she will be very quiet and pay full attention to the lecturer during classes. Her way of behaving is really admirable. She is very punctual, hardworking and such a kind person. I have done many assignments with her and she will do most of the work, which makes me sometime feel guilty. One thing that makes all of us feel jealous with her is her home is just at Segamat. But she never feels lucky about that because she prefer to study far from her home. That is Lily!!


This girl I call her Syah. I love to tease her very much and Syah will just laugh. She is such a nice person. She is a big fan of Korean artist and now she has some Korean friends too. No wonder Syah always chatting recently. Maybe her boyfriend is a Korean too. Who knows?? Syah is close with sector B students since part 1. And this semester her application to shift from sector A to sector B is approved. I am the one who feel so happy because she got same college with me.. YAHOO!! Her room also quite near with my room. Before this I do not have any classmates that are same college with me.


Next, let me tell you about Kechik the gorgeous and stunning girl in our class. This semester, Kechik is very eye-catching as she makes few differences in her appearance. That are, she starts to wear contact lens, she will always wear colourful shawls, she will make up a bit and she likes to put on silver eye liner. Kechik is very active and smart. She is a good debater and she had represent Uitm Segamat for a few times. This semester also, she was chosen as Diba’s exco beside that she also maintains good result every semester.


Isma is my first friend in this Uitm. She looked very generous when I saw her at first. That’s why I select to approach her from many other banking students. And it was true, she is really kind
and friendly. I like her character which is simple and easy going person.


She is our classmate just in BEL class. I just get to know her this semester but I already get close with her. This is maybe because she is very soft and always smile when see me. Even though, she is in part 5 but she is still very friendly with all of us.


Next is about Erien. This is the first semester Erien is our classmate. So this semester I am trying to be closer with her. At first she tends to be quite but now she seems to be more comfortable. When I start to talk with her she responds very well.


Now let me tell you about the cutest girl in our class. We all call her Nabil. Her face look like has a mix with Chinese. This semester Nabil looks more famines as she like to wear shawls and it really suit with her. One thing about Nabil is even though she does not pay full attention during classes but she still manages to get good results.


She is really a quiet student in our class even after being a good friend with Zulaika. She is really opposite of Zulaika so I think Zulaika should try to influence Zura to be more active in class.


What a beautiful name she has. Ezza is one of my classmates that always look stylish and beautiful. At first I thought she is quite girl but later I get to know that she is very talk active especially with those are who close with her.


She is one of my best friends. She is like a sister for me in uitm. If, I done anything wrong she is the one who will advise me or correct me. I like to ask her opinion in anything I do. But she is quite sensitive so I will always think twice before talk to her as I do not want to hurt her feelings.


This girl I just call her Jann. Although her college is at sector B but she is closer with sector A students especially with Isma and the geng. One thing I like the most about her is her high confidence level.


Next is Aishah she is very friendly, simple and brave. She like to voice out her opinion. I always go back home with her. She will always willing to help her friends. She is also talk active and love to take pictures.


Eya is from Sabak Bernam. She is also a good debater although in class she seems to be quite. She will always be with Misnahaini. Even when taking picture for this entry they stand side by side.


Miss is very silent too in class. I am not very close with her but we will always smile to each other. She is very soft-spoken.


We all call her Mon because she is quite chubby. She is very close with Isma and Nabil. She is very kind to everyone and all of us in class like her very much.


I call her Kak azi because she is older than us. For me she is cute, funny and amusing. This semester I realize that kak Azi is becoming more hard work student. Especially, in subject Finance, Statistic and Economy. She will willingly write down the answer in the whiteboard. I can feel that she will get a good result for this semester.


I like Diyana very much as she is very open minded and sporting. We all like to tease her and she never gets mad at all. For me she is a good actor. During last semester where we have to present dramas, we will give her heavy role although she refused as we know that she can act very well.


I am very close with her that’s why I like to be in same group with her when doing assignments. She can drive car very well even she do not have her licence yet. Dayah is very sporting open minded and really a helping hand.


This girl is simply beauty. I call her Fatin. All her work is normally complete and perfect as she is a smart studentI. I love to see her talk Mandarin with our laoshi.

That’s me..


Next, let’s talk about Huda. For me she is very pretty. I feel very comfortable being friend with her as she is very loyal and trustworthy. Huda has some problems with her back bones because she was injured during primary schools. Sometimes her face will be so pale because of the pain. She cannot walk for a long distance and she is still under treatment.


She is very cool and calm. I call her Lena and she will call me Kak Ram. She is consistent in her studies and she will make sure all her work done in time.


Lasty, I would like to tell about Zaty. She is tall and slender. She is simple and nice and it is easy to work with her. She is very close with Lena, Atin and Isha. She does not live with her family but only with her brother.
I have been introduced all of my classmates to all of you. I love all of them. Hopefully we all will being friends forever. See you all again in my next post.

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