Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I feel so happy to see you all again in my new post with the hottest topic in this month that is the Valentine’s Day.

During this month, many shops in shopping complexes or malls are selling variety of presents that are suitable to be given as a gift on the Valentine’s Day. All decorations in such places are also based on the theme of love. Many people feel exited to celebrate this day especially teenagers.

Many people think that Valentine’s Day is the best day to express our feeling to our loves one. There are even some people who wait for this day to propose their love one. But for me love can be express every day and every moment. If we really love someone, why should we wait for only a day in a year? How if we are no more on that day? Don’t be shy to share our feelings with others. Now, there no more believe that man should take the first step in a relationship. Girls can always do that too.
When we talk about showing our love to someone do not limit it just to your couple but also to people in our surrounding. How nice it will be if one day you give your mother a red rose.

Celebrating the valentine day is actually not our culture as Malays and Islam itself forbidden us from celebrating this day.

I was shocked when I read at news papers on Valentine’s Day morning that when JAWI do spot-checks in hotels around town area many young couples without any legal relationship was harassed the night before. Many of them are Muslims. These reflect that, Valentine’s Day has a big impact to our society especially to the younger. This is one the way how Hedonisms believe are inject to our society.

Lastly, we can show our love to anyone but as a Muslim we should always follow the guidelines given by Allah. That’s all for now see you all again in my next entry.

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