Sunday, January 17, 2010

I would like to share here about the subjects that I’m taking for this semester. I am taking 7 subjects with a total of 18 credit hour. All the subjects, I registered in the D3D1 class. Only for Mandarin I register in the D3D2 class as only that class offers Mandarin subjects. We are all girls in the class D3D1.

“Ni hou ma? Wo jiao Ramizah”. Do you understand what I’m telling you? It means how are you? My name is Ramizah in Mandarin. This semester I’m taking Mandarin as the third language subject. Actually we can decide whether to take Mandarin or Arabic. I prefer to take Mandarin as learning this language giving me advantages especially when looking for jobs. This is the subject that I feel most excited to learn for this semester. The lecturer teaching this subject is Mr. Lim Yoon Chong. After my first class, I become more curious to learn this subject as the lecturer is very kind and interesting. Physically he is slender and small-sized. My first expression towards him is cute and cheerful. My classmates say that too. We call him “laoshi” which means teacher. There is no final paper for this subject. We will be graded according to our assessment. We will be tested on reading, listening and our language usage. This make me feel quite worry. Can I answer questions after listening to a Mandarin audio? I will try to do my best. Besides that, we will also need to do a final project which requires us to do a drama. My target for this subject is to get A.

Besides that, I’m also taking BEL 311, English for academic purposes. This is a 3 hour credit paper. The pre-requisite for this paper is BEL 260. Luckily this semester, I get the same lecturer who taught me last semester that is Mr. Izuan Ismail. As I already know him and his teaching style is actually good for me. Mr Izuan is quite strict, rarely smile but he is a kind lecturer. I still remember last semester, he patiently check our essays sometimes for two or three times although we make the same mistakes. He also gave us a treat for his birthday. The most memorable thing is during last Hari Raya, he arranges a party for D2D1 and D2D2 that we really enjoy it. Furthermore, he is the one who built my confident to talk in front of the class as last semester he always ask us to do presentations and drama. For this semester, currently we are learning how to do a blog and it is really interesting. Besides that, we are now learning how to write the term paper which carries 30% for the final. It carries a big percentage, I need to do it appropriately. Another 10% of carry mark will be given for assignments, participations and attendance. The discussions carry 20%. While the balance 40% is the final paper. My target is to score A in this paper.

FIN261 or Fundamentals of Finance is a 4 credit hour paper. It means that this is a very important paper. The lecturer teaching this subject is Pn. Saliza. She is a young and pretty lecturer. She is very sporting too. This subject is a core subject and contains more calculations compared to reading this is why I love this subject. This subject is related with financial -accounting and costing that we have learnt before. I am interested in this subject as I planned to further my Degree in Finance. As usual we will have two tests, quizzes and assignments that carry 40% and the balance 60% is the final paper. I hope I can score A for this subject moreover this is a 4 credit hour paper.

ECO 211 or Macroeconomics is another 3 credit hour paper. The pre-requisite for this paper is must pass ECO 260. Macroeconomics looks at the economy from a broader perspective while Microeconomics studies specific economics only. A new lecturer is teaching this subject that is Miss Siti Nordiana. She is tall, chubby, and fair. I like her so much because she is so excited to teach us. She really makes sure that we understand what she teaches us. Furthermore, I like to study economics as I can relate it with the current issues.

Next, QMT 216 refers to Introduction to Statistics. This is also 3 credit hour paper. This subject actually is very important for us as is teaches how to do surveys, analyze data and statistical analysis. We might use this knowledge even to finish projects of other subjects. PM Rohana Zainuddin is my lecturer for this subject. She has many years of experiences teaching Statistics. During her class, she will always includes moral values and remind us to be a good “Muslim”. She also likes to share with us about her experiences as she had travelled to many countries. We will do one final project which requires us to prepare questionnaires and the statistical analysis. I love calculation subjects so hopefully I can get an A for this subject.

Then, CTU 241 stands for Fundamental of Islamic Economics. This is a 2 credit hour paper. This is the only subjects that we learn in Bahasa Melayu. A young “ustazah” is teaching me this subject. She is Miss Siti Aisyah. She is beautiful, medium sized, fair and plump. I already have assignments for this subject that need to be passed up in early February. Besides that, we have to think about a creative way of presenting our assignments. The assignments carry 15%, presentations carry 10% and another 15% of our carry mark is from the test. The remaining 60% is the final paper. Of course my target is A for this paper.

Lastly, HBU 118 refers to Tennis. This is one credit hour subject. There is no final paper but there will be a practical test. This is the last semester I’m taking co-curriculum subject. I choose Tennis because I want to try outdoor activity as last semester I already take debate which we learnt in class room. This subject is only once a week on every Thursday 5 until 7pm. I haven’t meet my coach yet. Actually I’m not very good in playing tennis but my friend had promised to teach me as she is a good tennis player. Hope I can get A too for this subject.

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