Sunday, January 24, 2010

My lovely roommate.

Hi, in this post I would like to introduce my lovely roommate for this semester. Firstly, let me tell you something about my college and room. This is the third semester I’m staying at College Sempana Alam Buana. My college is located just beAdd Imageside the Dewan Sri Peria but unfortunately I have no classes there. My college is quite far from the classrooms. But I feel very peaceful staying here as my college is surrounded by jungle. If you want to see monkeys you can came to my college. Make sure you bring banana..

My room number is 133C. Luckily I get the same room that I get last semester. This room is two persons room. It is actually more comfortable staying in two person’s room as compared to four person’s room.

My roommate name is Nadirah Bt Zulkifli. She was born on 6th June 1991. Now she is 19years old. She is taking Diploma in Information Management and currently in the second semester. This is the second time I get the same room with her and I feel very lucky about that.

She lives in Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur. She is the second child from four siblings. Her father is an engineer in Exxon Mobil while her mother is a housewife.
Physically she is medium-sized and petite. She has round eyes, straight hairs and fair skins. For me she is very cute. She calls me “kak Miza”. We are very close to each other. She always shares her problems with me. To tell something about her characters, she is very kind, helpful and friendly. She is also talks active, like to laugh a lot and cry a lot. Even my friends are close with her. She is the one who wake up me up every morning. Even in weekends she will wake up me for the “subuh” prayers.

I also like her very much because she is a tidy person. She always makes sure our room is clean. When I am busy with assignments she voluntarily tidy up the room.
During free times, she loves to surf Internet and watch movies. Her favourite foods are her mother’s cooking, Lasagna and Spaghetti. She also like to hang out with friends and went for shopping especially at KLCC and Pavilion. Her favourite pet is cat. She has four cats at her house.

I think that’s all for now. If you want to know her more u can check out her blog at

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