Sunday, January 24, 2010

10 facts about myself

Hi every one!This post could be quite interesting as I am going to reveal 10 facts about myself and some of it are my top secret. So hope you enjoy reading it.

The first fact about me is I like to talk with animals. To be specific I like to talk with rabbits. Rabbits are my favourite pets. I have eight rabbits at home. At first I only have two rabbits that I get as my birthday present from my father. Later, the rabbit give birth until I have eight rabbits now. I am sure you all are wondering where do I keep all my rabbits right? Actually, behind my house there is some land so my father builds a big cage for all the rabbits. I love to spend my free times with the rabbits. Every evening, many children in my housing area come to see my rabbits.

Secondly, I am one of the millions of football fans outside there. Maybe many of you don’t believe it but it is true. My favourite football player is Ricardo Izecson commonly known as Kaka. I am sure all of you know him as he is the most expansive player. For me he is a very good player and also have a good looking but then he is already married, so sad! My favourite football club is Manchester United. I become MU fans maybe because of my father and brother as they watch almost every match of MU. Now, I will always join them watching football matches.

Thirdly, I love to read Archie’s pal Jugheads comics. I start to read this comic since I was in form 5. For me this comics are very interesting, entertaining and humorous. This comic basically about 4 teenagers who are Archie, Jug head, Betty and Veronica. Archie is the main character, he is very generous,well-mannered but clumsy. I have some collection of this comics at my house. Although this comic is quite expansive but I still buy it and sometime I will share money with my sister as she loves to read this comic too.

Fourthly, I am personally a coins collector. I collect various type of coin all over the world. As my father works in hotel he receives various types of unique coins from many countries. He will give all of it to me as he knows that I love collecting coins. Besides that, I also collect Malaysia’s coins. I already have about 400 fifty cent coins. I also have some old coins such as RM 5 and RM25 in coins. Do you all have ever seen it before? I got all these old coins from my grandfather.

Fifthly, I can climb tree very well. Surprised? Actually I can climb trees since I was still in primary school. Even now sometimes, I still climb trees to pluck fruits as behind my house there are many fruit trees. Even though my mother will always scold me but I did not care about it. For me climbing tree is very enjoying.

Sixthly, for your information I am big fan of Korean drama and movies. Lee Minho or more famously known as Gu Jun Pyo is my favorite hero. The story line of Korean drama's is usually very romantic and full with comedies. My girl, Boys of Flowers and Full House are some of Korean Dramas that I like the most.

Seventh fact about me is I almost drown when I was enjoying playing in the sea a few years ago . It happen when I was 15 years old. During that time I and my family went to Sabah during a school holiday. I can’t swim very well but then I still went to bath in deep water. suddenly, a big wave came and then I realize that my feet no longer touch the ground. Then, I start to scream asking for help. Luckily, a Philippines guy who was near by save me.

Eighthly, I have one weakness that is I always talk when sleeping. It sometimes makes my roommate scare. Besides that, I hate people disturb me when I am sleeping, I will really get angry. There is once where I hit my sister just because she disturbs me when I was sleeping. From that day onwards, all my family members did not dare to disturb me when I was sleeping.
Ninth, when I was in primary school, I have tried smoking for a few times. That time I was curious to know the taste of smoking. I do it with my cousins in my house toilet and luckily my parents do not know about it at all. After that, I stop from smoking secretly as it do not taste good at all. I was really naughty that time.

Lastly, I am good at cross stitch. I learnt it from my aunt. Although it seems simple but actually it take a long time just to finish a single piece of cross stitch. I only do it when I have nothing else to do because I need to be very patient to do that. I like to keep it in my room as decorations.

That's all for now. See you all in my next post. I am wondering what will be our next topic.

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